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Our services, with a 27 years experience in the field of mechanical engineering, are available for our partners for more than a decade. As our mission statement we are eager to keep up with the newest technology and purchase up-to-date machinery. Advantages ensured by fast and quality machines ensures satisfaction for our costumers and clients.

As the headquarter of our company, a 1600 m2 site can be found in Dabas, which renewed in 2005 and it is expanding with a new manufacturing plant in the near future. Ensuring the highest convenience for our customers in the field of handling and metal sheet warehousing we have a computer-based system for tracking inventory levels along with a new and modern forklift. Our CAM system is on the frontline in the metal industry providing the shortest due date by the optimization of operations. We are happy to welcome large manufacturing companies as well as sole traders among our partners. Our company also undertakes the manufacturing of prototype items from the designing to the complete production. Besides new partners are highly welcome with references from previous clients.

Our services


Solid Edge and Pro Engineer 3D designer programs are used for CAD.

Many manufacturing issues are revealed by computer-aided designing before the production of the expensive specimen. For build-to-order items produced in small series, CAD bears a high importance even when only one or two pieces of components are manufactured and if one out of one is a scrap it means 100%!

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Laser cutting is the most advanced technology in cutting metal sheets, which results in precise contour and dimension.

It produces an affordable and fast component- manufacturing which meets even the highest requirements. Our machines are capable of up to 1500 × 3000 mm standard range and 3D chucks are also available for cutting hollow sections by laser.

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The TRUMPF complex punching technology enables a 3-dimension metal working to perform a total machining by one machine.

All the tools of a TRUMPF machine are able to rotate.

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HFP 3D-s 6-axisbackgauge, punch test with automated crown.

Simultaneously allows the setup of multiple stage part bending enabling the bending of complex items. Digitpro angle sensor system allows high- precision angel bending (0,2 degree) and largely reduces setup time.

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Mill scale generated on the edge of the items cut by laser as a result of the technology.

During the subsequent surface treatment, mill scale can lead to serious problems, and the paint can chip off the edges. This equipment is, in particular, serves the purpose of the removal of mill scale.

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Tap compression

The most extensive usage of PEM® fasteners is installing into metal sheets.

For your application you can find the appropriate type of nuts, studs, standoffs, panel fasteners are made from different materials with different finishes. PEM® fasteners should be inserted into the receiving hole on the metal sheet where the fastener displaces the working material in the hole.

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Surface treatment

Powder painting and galvanization work have been carried out by reliable and loyal subcontractors for years.

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