Laser cutting is the most advanced technology in cutting metal sheets, which results in precise contour and dimension. It produces an affordable and fast component- manufacturing which meets even the highest requirements. Our machines are capable of up to 1500×3000 mm standard range and 3D chucks are also available for cutting hollow sections by laser.

Our latest expansion a TRUMPF FIBER Laser technology enables rapid cutting of thin metal sheets. As an extra service a high precision camera system should be mentioned which enables the follow-up laser working on previously manufactured spare parts with ±0,1mm correctness.

In certain conditions an atom in a quantum state can reach a lower energy level if it is hit by a photon (quantum of light). While the atom returns to a lower energy level the same photon evolves as the one triggered decay. If near is an alike atom in a quantum state a chain reaction starts ( not nuclear but with the same mechanism) J that is the released photons will release more photons from the excited atoms. All the photons will be the same that is their wavelength, physical system, polarization and direction will be equable. When the chain reaction sustained a continual laser beam occurs.

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