Our company disposes the following machines.

Laser cutting machine

TRUMPF Trulaser L3030 Fiber 3000W
Working range: 1500×3000 mm
Max material thickness:
St-37: 20 mm
1.4301: 12 mm
AlMg3: 12 mm
Cu: 5 mm

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Laser cutting machine

Salvagnini L3
2D laser cutting system
TRADJUST function, ensures individual parameters in any kind of materials and thickness
Fibre optics

Microstep Mastercut 63KW Plazma cutting

Plazma cutting machine
Tilt head
Max material thickness:
Carbon steel: 80 mm thickness, 45mm punching
Stainless: 75/38 mm
AlMg3: 50/28 mm


Punching machine

Punching operation: 1250×2500 mm
Max material thickness:
St-37: 3 mm
1.4301: 3 mm
AlMg3: 4 mm
Cu: 3 mm

Deburring machine

Working range: 1100x2000 mm
Maximum thickness: 100 mm


Bending Machine

Trumpf TruBend 5170
Our brand new machine has a compression force of 170 tons

  • Maximum bending length: 3000mm
trubend 7050

Bending Machine

Trumpf TruBend
Our brand new machine has a compression force of 50 tons

  • Maximum bending length: 1500mm

Bending machine

Salvagnini P2 Lean
High quality and performance
2 second bending time
Max bending length : 1575 mm
Max bending latitude: 1000 mm
Minimum bending thickness : 0,4 mm


Bending machine

Amada 170 ton bending machine
3D operation
Max bending length: 1100x2000 mm
Max bending thickness: 0,1 - 12 mm


Bending machine

Amada 100 ton bending machine
CNC operation
Max bending length: 3000 mm
Max bending thickness: 0,1 - 8 mm


Bending machine

TruBend 7036 bending machine with electric torque motor
CNC operation
Max bending length: 1000 mm
Range of bending thickness: 0,1 - 5 mm

Bending Machine

Salvagnini B3ATA
Compression force of 100 tons
Compression force on 3m long


CNC 5 Axis Drilling Machine

Operation: Mitsubishi M720VS
Working range: 1350 x 640 x 660 mm
Table size: 1500 x 600
5 axis (T slot)
Max spindle speed: 14.000/min.

Akyapak plate roll

Working range: 4 mm thickness
Table size: 2 m
CNC controlling

TECNA spot welding

Working range: 6KA amperage

AKBEND bending machine

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3D printer

Stratasys F170 - 3D printer

  • It allows fast printing, from low-cost concept models to durable fittings
  • It offers up to four different materials as well as easily removable, soluble carriers.
  • It can produce almost any shape or geometric body
An insight into the printing process at the link below: