Steel fastener injection

The most extensive usage of PEM® fasteners is installing into metal sheets. For your application you can find the appropriate type of nuts, studs, standoffs, panel fasteners are made from different materials with different finishes. PEM® fasteners should be inserted into the receiving hole on the metal sheet where the fastener displaces the working material in the hole. This working material goes to the back stem part of the fixing material by cold forging. A teething or a special head form prevents the item from rotation– the injectable steel fastener becomes as of one with the working material. Furthermore, PEM® fasteners do not cause destructions or knobs on the back of the construction element.

Stud bolt fixed by milling.


  • Excessive load capacity even in case of thin metal sheets from 0,5 mm
  • The hole do not require specific handling
  • Do not need to correct the thread dimension
  • It is also optimal for coated surfaces
  • High positioning precision

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