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We have 30 years of experience in the field of sheet metal working. Our company’s mission is continuous development at all levels of the company. In order to successfully meet the changing challenges, an open and innovative approach is essential, which our management fully represents and communicates to our employees. At the heart of our organizational culture is quality, which, in addition to implementing the Ipar4.0 guidelines, is ensured by unbroken development. Meleghegyi és Társa Kft. strives to operate and develop most successfully in all areas that promote the quality of the company. It can be a technological, procedural, resource, human or even professional side.

We currently have a 3000 square meter building in Dabas, which was doubled in 2019 with a new, modern production hall. For the complete convenience of our customers, we have a computer-controlled inventory and a new forklift in the field of material handling and sheet metal storage. Our production management system is at the forefront of the sheet metal industry. By optimizing our manufacturing operations, we can guarantee our customers the fastest possible deadline. Our partners include serious manufacturing companies and smaller sole proprietors. We also undertake prototype production from design to complete production.


Sheet metal working in Szeged and Dabas


Metal sheet components in a high and small volume


Our company disposes the following machines.


We are constantly strive to reach the highest quality

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