Sheetmetal working with modern implements

September 4, 2018by Lézervágás

One of the most developing area of material working is lasercutting, which is improving constantly.  Standards of the machinable base metal are getting higher and higher due to the efficient use and automation. Because of the formation of the uncontaminated surfaces we needed a modern process control. This makes possible that lasercutting can be a service, which allows that component production is efficiently realizable. There are so many possibilities in lasercutting that improvement of this area will never stop.

In the area of sheetmetal working, lasercutting is an especially preferred technology, which has several advantages. We can make clean and nice cutting surface with it and what is more that component production process is really fast with this technology. Thanks for the quality of the device heat zone is very small, the cutting surface is burr free and we do not need any tool or tool change for working. Lasercutting makes possible to do a fast and accurate work.

Get to know our company’s services. If you stand in need of lasercutting do not hesitate to contact us! We also make samples by our modern 3D printer to avoid the occurrent mistakes. Besides of lasercutting we do punching, design, bend, refine, tap compression and surface treatment.

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